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Goals and planning

Goals are like magnetsYearly goals

Wow! We got some great reactions on our last blogpost “The three biggest mistakes in planning“. Most reactions were about the difficulty of having/setting yearly goals. And also about the sentence “This goal MUST be satisfied for the year to be considered a success.” Let us explain about longterm goals. Lees verder

The three biggest mistakes in planning

Planning your activities

One of the first steps in being productive is planning your activities by keeping a list of the things you want to accomplish. Having such a list will immediately rise your productivity. However, the list is just the start to get to a proper planning. There are 3 mistakes people make when planning from a list. Lees verder

I’m not a morning person

I'm not a morning personPeople will often say things like “I’m not a morning person”, or “I’m not a natural early riser”.

If people were meant to pop out of bed we’d all sleep in toasters. – Garfield

But looking at several studies about the correlation between waking up early and success, you might consider to become a morning person. Lees verder

Rise up, start fresh


Rise up

Each morning you have the opportunity to start fresh, to change your life, and to conquer your goals. You can make things right and change your path.

At the beginning of the new year, most of us want to start fresh, make a change for the better. We set new goals for ourselves and feel a rush to get going. The goals are clear, we are determined to make it work this time! … It’s now two months in the new year…80% of the New-Years-Resolutions-crowd have dropped off by the second week of February. Lees verder