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Goals: life and yearly goals

Set Daily, Monthly, and Long Term Goals
In a couple of posts we wrote about having or creating ‘bigger’ goals, like the Big Five for Life, or yearly goals.
We get a lot of questions about creating those bigger goals: how big should those goals be? What kind should they be? Am I covering all the right categories? It is not the beginning of a new year, why should I bother now? We’ll adress these questions in this article. Lees verder

Goals: positive or not?

Setting goals is the first stepWe’ve really hit a nerve with these blogposts about goals! Even though it is midyear now, it still is top of mind. Glad to know this!
The questions we got were about the specific planners you need in order to set goals. We’ll write about that in a next article. We also had some comments about having goals. Let’s talk about that first.

Goals vs being happy

Some people have a problem with goals. When you have goals, they say, you are not happy in the moment. You’re only happy when you’ve reached the goal. Having a goal stresses people out, it burdens them with a certain load. Lees verder

Goals and planning

Goals are like magnetsYearly goals

Wow! We got some great reactions on our last blogpost “The three biggest mistakes in planning“. Most reactions were about the difficulty of having/setting yearly goals. And also about the sentence “This goal MUST be satisfied for the year to be considered a success.” Let us explain about longterm goals. Lees verder

The three biggest mistakes in planning

Planning your activities

One of the first steps in being productive is planning your activities by keeping a list of the things you want to accomplish. Having such a list will immediately rise your productivity. However, the list is just the start to get to a proper planning. There are 3 mistakes people make when planning from a list. Lees verder

Future is created by what you do today not tomorrow

Future is created by what you do today not tomorrowHow am I going to live today to create the tomorrow I’ve committed to?

This quote is from Tony Robbins and very much in line with today’s statement.

It is all about today’s decisions, about action, about creating the life you want to live and how to get there. Lees verder

Rise up, start fresh


Rise up

Each morning you have the opportunity to start fresh, to change your life, and to conquer your goals. You can make things right and change your path.

At the beginning of the new year, most of us want to start fresh, make a change for the better. We set new goals for ourselves and feel a rush to get going. The goals are clear, we are determined to make it work this time! … It’s now two months in the new year…80% of the New-Years-Resolutions-crowd have dropped off by the second week of February. Lees verder