Bad habits, how to break them?

Bad habitsWant to get rid of your worst habits?

Did you know that most of your worst habits happen in the evening, at night? That is the time that you are worn out, you’ve made decisions all day long and your willpower is running on empty.

Bad habit no 1 Late-night snacking/drinking

Late-night munchies are not about being hungry. There is a big difference between true, physical hunger and emotional hunger. The urge for late-night snacks usually is a result of emotional hunger, habit, boredom, stress, or fatigue after a long, hard day. It usually kicks in around 9.30 or 10PM.

Bad habit no 2 Mindlessly surfing the internet

This habit is due to being either physically or mentally tired.
If you are mentally tired you just want to reduce your stress level. Being on the internet or on social media releases some endorphins that make you feel good. You don’t have to make heavy decisions and you can connect with your friends in an easy way by commenting on their FBupdate, their uploaded photo and so on.
If you are physically tired just getting up from the couch is a real effort. So with your mobile or tablet next to you, you don’t have to get up. All the apps are there to provide you with the entertainment you’re longing for.

Bad habit no 3 Watch TV

This habit is related to bad habit no 2, ├índ it also is a real habit-thing: most of the time the remote control is nearby and before you know it, you pushed the ON-button. The TV-programs are related to your other habits: the news is on while you’re preparing your dinner, your favorite series are there when you finished your dinner and just want to sit back for a while. And before you know it, you see the announcement for that nice movie and you decide to watch it.

How to break your worst habits

Get up early! You are more fresh in the morning and you’ll be very productive if you use that nice distraction-free time in the early mornings to your priority tasks. And because you’re full of energy you’ll get a lot done.
The benefit is that in the evening after that very productive early day, you just want to go to bed early, just before the bad habits kick in and you’re tempted into eating, surfing and watching TV. You are too sleepy to do all that. You benefit from a healthy early sleep and you can repeat the same thing again in the morning: get up early, do very productive stuff and be tired and ready for bed in the evening…
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