Goals: positive or not?

Setting goals is the first stepWe’ve really hit a nerve with these blogposts about goals! Even though it is midyear now, it still is top of mind. Glad to know this!
The questions we got were about the specific planners you need in order to set goals. We’ll write about that in a next article. We also had some comments about having goals. Let’s talk about that first.

Goals vs being happy

Some people have a problem with goals. When you have goals, they say, you are not happy in the moment. You’re only happy when you’ve reached the goal. Having a goal stresses people out, it burdens them with a certain load.
Well, that can be a problem indeed. However, we already pointed out that if you don’t know your ‘why’ behind the goals you’ve set, you don’t have a support to back you up: you’ll soon give up on your goal when the going gets tough because your purpose isn’t there to move you, to give you that extra bit of encouragement.

Goals for happiness

Can we really ditch goals? No, we really can not! Think about it: every day you set goals. You plan your day to get something done, right? Let’s say, you have three important things to do today: 1) have a marketing meeting 2) write a report 3) do research for a client
Those are goals in itself already. But the three to do’s also include smaller goals, and also results and purposes: what do you want to accomplish in that meeting? Why do you want to accomplish that? What happens if you don’t accomplish that?
Similar questions for the other tasks: what do you want to write about in your report? Why do you want to write that report? What does it answer for you? What topic do you have to research, what questions do you have to answer? Why do you want to research this topic? What will it fulfill for you?
If you’ve thought it through beforehand, you’ll know the answers and therefore have no problem to finish your tasks. Every step of the way, you’ll have a sense of direction, and that will in itself give a sense of happiness. So, you’re not only happy when you’ve reached the goal, but also along the way, when you’re going through the process.

Big Goals are a compass

Every now and then we think/dream about the things that would be nice to do: one day I’ll write a book, one day I’ll travel the world, one day I’ll be …And daydreaming like that is usefull: it lets you know what your goals are.
But you have to do something with those nebulous goals! Having daydreams can cloud your brain: it can make your thoughts go through the roof: “I believe I have to do it next year, I don’t know exactly when, but somewhere in June. Or is March better?” You have no clear path, no direction, no focus. Such thoughts will collide into other daydream goals and clutter your brain.
So daydreaming is nice, but you have to follow it up with pen and paper: write them down. Why exactly do you want to do this? What will it bring you? Next, put some actual dates next to your dreams. Is this something that I can accomplish in one year or does it take longer? If so, how long do I think it will take? You’ll soon find out that planning your daydreams is FUN! It makes your life much more fullfilling and exciting!

Goals acquire action

Having a certain date for a specific goal is good, knowing the purpose behind those goals is even better. When you have these in place you’ll already be way ahead of others. But you have to DO something. And not just ‘something’, no, you have to take ACTION! Plan your actions! Schedule them. Yearly goals, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Do them, evaluate them. Only then you’ll reach them AND feel happy along the way 😀

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