Goals and planning

Goals are like magnetsYearly goals

Wow! We got some great reactions on our last blogpost “The three biggest mistakes in planning“. Most reactions were about the difficulty of having/setting yearly goals. And also about the sentence “This goal MUST be satisfied for the year to be considered a success.” Let us explain about longterm goals.

Life goals

Well, yearly goals are not at all difficult to figure out. Especially if you have read the book The Big Five for Life. In that book you’ll learn that by having Big Goals in your life, you’ll not only create a succesfull year, you’ll even create a succesfull life.
John Strelecky, the author of the book, came up with the idea of having life goals, through a safari experience: when you’ve seen ‘the big five’ on a safari, then you’ll have had a succesfull safari. You’ll have seen the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros.
When having a Big Five for Life, you’ll have “five things that you want to do, see, or experience in your life, so that if you do, see, or experience them, you will consider your life to be a success, however YOU define success. These are things that on your deathbed, you can look back over your life and say, “No matter what I did or didn’t get to, my life is a success because I got to my Big Five for Life.” (Source)


However, having a Big Five for Life is not enough! It is nice to know what you’re heading toward, but what is the ‘WHY’ behind it? As Simon Sinek said it beautifully that if you don’t know your why, you have no foundation to support you as you head down your success path to completing that goal. So, think about the purpose of your goal. Because when you’ve found the purpose behind it, everything you do, everything you say, breathes life into that purpose. Your purpose, your reason behind your goal, will move you toward accomplishing your goal.

Vision without action is just a dream

Goals and purpose are nice, but in the end, nothing will get accomplished if you don’t take massive ACTION!
Therefore, your Big Five for Life Goals have to be chopped up! You can set dates for them, and from that point you can set yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Read this blogpost about setting goals.
So, what are the actions you have to take to get to those goals?

There the FREE Weekly- and Daily Planner comes in: this planner helps you to achieve your Big Five for Life Goals. Yes, really! By accomplishing your daily goals, you’ll reach your LIFE goals! Small daily improvements (getting your tasks done every day) will lead to great results!
So connect your dreams, outcomes, and desires to the actions you take on a daily and weekly basis. Having an aha-moment here??? 😉

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