Work, work, work

to-do listAfter work, even more work!

Do you dread going home after work, knowing the long to do list that awaits you?

The paperwork, filing, dishes, laundry, emails, cleaning…The list goes on and on…

There never seems to be an end to all the things that ‘need’ to be done! Pfff….

With the demanding job you have all day, you just want to go home, you’re tired, exhausted! Of course you lack the motivation to clean up. However, you also don’t want to sacrifice your precious weekend to cleaning and chores!

The solution to this dilemma is to do your chores first thing! Here are some advantages to do them before work:

  • you still have a clear uncluttered head. Your mind is fresh, undistracted, so whatever paperwork you have to do is done in a breeze.
  • your energy is much higher than in the evening, so every chore doesn’t take as much effort
  • the successes you achieved in the morning will elevate your day: you’ll feel productive and accomplished. It is an absolute ego-boost!
  • you’ll have actual free time in the evening, so you can do fun things without feeling guilty
  • you’ll look forward getting to a clean, organized home after work.

So, getting up a half hour or full hour earlier every morning devoted to chores, paperwork and the like before doing anything else (except maybe coffee) is a great way to start your day. It’s amazing how much better you’ll feel when you walk in the door at night when there isn’t any mess to contend with. Not surprisingly, you’ll be actually less tired and have more time on weekends for fun!

You may now ask yourself if this is the right strategy for you, but it sure can be: Daily60 now has an email-coaching-program that will learn you how to get up an hour earlier than you do now. You can devote that extra hour to chores, but you also can choose to exercise or write that book you never had the time for. Within 30 days you’ll see for yourself that one hour a day can make that much difference.

Conquer your chores and get more free time, sign up for the 30 day challenge here!

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