Rise up, start fresh


Rise up

Each morning you have the opportunity to start fresh, to change your life, and to conquer your goals. You can make things right and change your path.

At the beginning of the new year, most of us want to start fresh, make a change for the better. We set new goals for ourselves and feel a rush to get going. The goals are clear, we are determined to make it work this time! … It’s now two months in the new year…80% of the New-Years-Resolutions-crowd have dropped off by the second week of February.


  • Are you still on course with your new years resolutions, the goals you set for yourself for 2015?
  • Have you abandoned your new year resolutions?
  • Or are you just hanging by a thread? Do you feel like quitting?

If you “messed up” your new years resolutions, than nothing can stop you getting on the right track again! You can start over, can’t you? Of course you can! You’ve learned what didn’t work, so you are already a bit further. If you start over, you can do it differently. Or you can look for ways to work on your goals first thing in your day. More on that later…

If you’re still keeping your resolutions, but barely hanging on, keep in mind that you are certainly one of the few who have made it this far! Good for you! But now it is maybe the right moment to get some support.


Do you want to stay, or get back on the right track? A great way to stick to your goals is that you work on your goals first thing in the morning.

Do you think that you can’t do that because you are in a rush every morning? No problem! Daily60 can help you with that! With the 30 day challenge you learn to rise up bright one hour earlier than you do now. Step by step you’ll discover the secrets behind every early bird! At the end of the month you too will start your day one hour earlier fresh and bright!

So, do you want to make each new day the best day of your life? Stay on track with the 30 day email coaching program to get up early and pursue your goals! Click here to get your support.

Make each new day the best day of your life!

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