Magic morning

Good morning. The breeze has awakened the earthMornings are magic

Ever woken up early? No? Well, make sure you do! When you experience the magic of the morning, you’ll never want to miss it again!

So, how does it feel, sound, smell, look?

Mornings are so magical. There is an intimacy to the early morning that is very different than any other time of day.
First, there is the disappearing darkness: the real blackness of the nightsky that turns into a different kind of dark, a kind of dark flannelish gray. Then, at dawn, with the beginning of the twilight just before sunrise, this greyness gradually becomes filled with color: clouds begin to glow with all sorts of frail watery colors, like a watercolor painting in the making.
The sun itself is still below the horizon, and has no strength yet, so only weak sunlight is coming through. It is still as cold as the night was. Every breath is cold and somehow wet.

Quiet morning

The world is still so quiet, there is a silence as if the world is listening…listening maybe to the few early birds who already are welcoming the new morning with their beautiful musical tongues: the nightingale, robin, blackbird and mistle thrush give a most lyrical concert to fall in love with, a combination of rich and mellow tones and beautiful warbling songs. Although the real quietness of the night is gone, for the full dawn chorus we have to wait until sunrise.


Now, at sunrise, the sun is above the horizon, making the sky a magical place, as if some painters have gone berserk. All kinds of strong colors, red, gold, blue, yellow, white, pink, grey, purple and orange are thrown at the sky and make a beautiful promising palet of hope.


The first early birds are quiet now, giving the podium to the real dawnchorus presenting the chiffchaff, treecreeper, finches, blackcaps and other later birds.
The bees are already busy as their morning activity is equated with nectar foraging. Dewdrops like sparkling gems cling to the grass and plants making them glisten. The dawn brings a promising sweet smell rising from the many wildflowers, carried by soft breezes.


The morning is truly magic, full of color, sound and smell, a daybreak brimming with hope and possibility, a time when it is easy to get in tune with the quiet world around you and with your innerself. Who in their right mind wants to trade off this immense mystic beauty and stillness with hitting the snooze button again and again? With snooze, you lose the morning magic…

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