Early and healthy

The early bird catches the worm
The early bird catches the worm

The phrase ‘the early bird catches the worm’  is very well known. Although we shiver by the thought of having a worm for breakfast (yuck!), we definitely acknowledge that the phrase’s meaning is positive.

Being the first

Of course we understand that being the first in line, we have the best chance for success, because we are there before anyone else. So, we can choose from the abundance of eh, worms… 🙂

Being early has other advantages too

Besides for the very obvious advantage of being the first, it has other less prominent benefits:

  • it is easier to make healthy decisions. In the morning you’re fresh and not tempted to do (or eat) unhealthy things: you have a clean plate, a fresh new start, so you want to make the best of it. Research shows that nightowls consume around 250 more calories in fast food, eat less fruits/vegetables and have higher BMI averages. Now you know that the worst of your habits happen at night, so make it easy for yourself by getting up early!
  • time to exercise. If you get up early and do your physical exercises first, you’ll never have to find excuses: it simply gets done. You don’t have to do it after work, when you’re tired, or when you want to spend time with your kids. By exercising first thing, you’ll find that you have a high energy level all day and you’ll also find that you sleep better.
  • time to meditate. Meditation is healthy for your brain, it reduces stress, it eases anxiety, it normalizes bloodpressure, eases chronic pain and improves breathing. It also boosts your mood and immunity. Doing meditation early in the morning will provide a kickstart for your day!

So, you don’t have to eat worms to get healthy. You just have to get up early to reap these healthy benefits!

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