1. What is Daily60?
Daily60 helps you with getting more ME-time every day.

2. Why would I use Daily60?
Daily60 gives you tips about sleep and waking up with a clear head in this 30 day challenge. You can decide when to start and what time you want to go to sleep and wake up.

3. Do I have to get up at a specific time?
You are totally free in deciding when you want to get up. When you want to add 60 minutes to your day, make sure you are setting your alarm earlier than the time you are used to wake up.

4. Can I start every day?
Yes. You can start any day you want.

5. Can I have a buddy to interact with?
Currently we are working on a buddy system. When this is finished we’ll announce this on the website.

6. Does this challenge involve a real strenuous performance?
No, this challenge is set up for everyone who is used to getting enough sleep (approximately 7 to 8 hours a night).
When you are sleep deprived (you get less than 7 hours of sleep per night) the challenge will be difficult and we wouldn’t advise to do the challenge at this moment. It is better to postpone the challenge to a later time.

7. What if I can’t do 30 days straight?
This is no problem. You can always start anew or have a pause in the program and pick up where you left off. Just save the emails in your inbox and use them for a later time. This challenge is about YOU.



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