Prepare and be aware

Prepare and be aware

Being productive is all about preparation. It is of course best of you do this at the beginning of the day, so early in the morning. Prepare for the day ahead helps you to set everything in motion: your mind and your body, ready to take on the task at hand.

Be aware

But other than preparation for the day, are you also prepared to ‘be aware’? As you planned your day, did you also plan/make time to be aware? Did you plan to evaluate? Because often times we only make a to do list, or whatever method you chose to be organized, but we didn’t plan in any time to evaluate how things went and how to proceed.

When do you evaluate?

If you are aware that evaluation is important, when do you do that? Do you do it at the end your workday, when you close your laptop, or do you do it at the end of the day, before you go to sleep?
Our recommendation would be to evaluate multiple times during the day: after every task you did, or whenever you take time to have a break, squeeze in some think-minutes about how your task was dealt with.

What questions do I ask?

If you don’t know what questions to ask, try having an interview with yourself about the task you just have been working on. Ask yourself: have I done it the way I envisioned it? How did it go: did it go faster or slower than I expected, and why? How do I feel while doing this task? Am I distracted every 5 minutes, or am I very focused? Can I do a better job? How can I do this better, more efficient?

Why is this important?

Evaluation is priceless. It is more important than you may think. It gives you insight in your tasks, your why’s, your efficiency, your focus. It gives you details about all of this that you wouldn’t remember later on in the day or week. The projects you’ve been working on will be blurred by all the things you’ve done, but all the minor thoughts during the process will not be adressed if you don’t evaluate.


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