Daily60.com helps busy people to create (more) ME-time in their daily lives and provides methods to incorporate time for themselves in the most time-effective way.

People often sigh “If I only had time”…

The real question you should ask yourself is: “If I have more time, what would I do with it?” What’s something you’d like to do if you had a couple of extra hours a week that were just for you? Do you know what you want to do with that precious time?

Or is it too inconceivable, though alluring, that you don’t even know what to do with it?

Busy, busy, busy

Do you feel deep in your gut that it is time to stop being ‘busy’ and always running around, not keeping up? Do you have the feeling that you are never at ease, do you hear yourself saying ‘there is so much to do!’

It is not strange for you that when something unexpected happens, immediately, your thoughts go to the many items on your to-do list, and the items in your inbox.

And can you relate to this?

– When bumping in to an old friend and wanting a get together to catch up, you look at your schedule and you can hardly squeeze in that appointment with your friends, oh wait, in three weeks there is an opening…

– And when you walk through the bookshop at the station while waiting for your train, you can only think ‘that is a really nice book. I’d love to read it. But why should I bother buying it, when I don’t have the time for it?’

This is the time to give yourself ME-time, to make yourself a priority.

How to get Me-time?

Daily60 helps you to find more time for yourself: 60 minutes of ME-time a day. Time to reflect, exercise, learn something new, or time to find out what you want.



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