How to get 60 minutes of pure ME-time every single day!

  • Are you so busy it seems you are never ever going to get time for yourself?
  • Do you feel like all the demands and distractions in this world make you lose connection with yourself sometimes?
  • Do you have dreams you really want to pursue, but do not find the time for?
  • Would you like to find time for the most important person in the world: YOU?

Then the 30 Day challenge is really designed for you. In just 30 days you will change your life and have 60 minutes of pure ME-time each day to do all that you are now craving for!

You deserve ME-time

How would you feel if you’d have the time to relax? To have peace and quiet, support from others, being calm, relaxed, doing things for you. Just you, and you alone. What a delight would that be!
You DESERVE that time! Time to read the books you love, time for exercise to stay fit and healthy, time for planning, personal development, meditation, writing or whatever it is you always wanted to do but did not find the time for… The 30 Day Challenge will give you the tools you need to make this happen.

You deserve good relations

How would it be if you were more relaxed? If you’d be able to help your kids and spouse and have quality time with them?
How would you like to experience more harmony and joy and face the world more optimistic and rested, with more energy?
The 30 Day Challenge will help you de-stress and become the relaxed, loving person you really are deep down.

You can do this!

Right now you may be in doubt if you can achieve these worthy goals and transform yourself. It seems difficult enough to find 5 minutes in a day to get some coffee without being disturbed. So how to free up 60 minutes of ME-time?
The trick is we’ll start slow, so anybody can do this. Take on this 30 day challenge and you’ll be able to get those 60 extra minutes, that full hour for you alone. You’ll get those 60 minutes by getting up an hour earlier before duty calls. That’s it.
Incredible as this may sound, you can do this. The 30 Day Challenge coaching program will guide you through, one step at a time, day by day.

You want to change!

Let’s face it: how is this first hour of your day spent by you now? You’re still sleepy and tired when you get out of bed, still groggy while you prepare some breakfast, get dressed and get ready for work…Of course all in a rush because you have to be at work on time while you feel you’d rather slept in.
Wouldn’t it be better to
– do the things you love?
– find time for workout, meditation, a good book, writing, drawing, planning?
– have time for your inner-self?
– have 60 minutes of ME-time a day?
– become an early riser, a morning person?
– get 30 hours extra per month?



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